bashtasklog: formatted output for bash scripts

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What is it?

A utility logging class for bash implemented in an OO interface. It prints nicely formatted messages to the console and/or logfile. The format is similar to Linux boot messages.

What does it do?

  • Logs/echo's script tasks and results in a columnar format
  • Appends each task line with a colored status result (terminal stdout only)
  • Makes your script's output more readable

Other Features

  • Customizable message column width
  • Quiet mode writes only to a specified log file
  • Optionally prefixes all messages with a 14 digit timestamp
  • Licensed under GPL v2


GNU Bourne-Again Shell (BASH)


See the GitHub README for usage and examples.


  1. vince c

    great script, TY. took me a while to find something like this, but it's precisely what i was after.

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