Turn off TortoiseSVN sounds

Noise on a commit failure

Noise on a commit failure

TortoiseSVN is an excellent Subersion client for Windows. By default, TortoiseSVN makes noise when it encounters a warning or an error. This almost made me crap a brick when TortoiseSVN failed on a commit and I forgot I had my speakers cranked to eleven.

TortoiseSVN does not have an internal setting to disable sounds, so we'll have to manually disable it's noise in the Windows control panel:
  1. Right click anywhere, select TortoiseSVN > Settings > General Menu > Click "Configure" button next to System Sounds. Or go to Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Sounds Tab.

    TortoiseSVN settings

  2. Look in the “Program Events” box for TortoiseSVN:

    Sounds and Audio Device Properties

  3. Click on each of TortoiseSVN's events, and select "(None)" from the Sounds dropdown.
  4. Click OK.

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